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Forums > Help! > Flowlight LED went out. New set.

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Member Since: 3rd Jul 2012
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Posted:I recently received a set of Flowlights with crystals cases and Colecords. I was spinning a few days ago and I must've hit them against a wall or something because the purple light went out on one of them. (I have the Nebula colored lights) I don't necessarily remember hitting it on anything. They were in the crystal cases so not to get damaged. But I had only just received them, I didn't think they'd have issues so quickly. My girlfriend says I may have hit them but as I said I don't remember. Is it unheard of for the light to just go out? I want to know if there is anything I can do to fix the light that is out or if I need to send in a ticket to support. Though I'd rather not wait 2 weeks for delivery (Im in USA). Thanks for any help.


Member Since: 3rd Jul 2012
Total posts: 3
Posted:Here is a pic of the toys. Cant decipher much from a pic but at least you will have a visual of my products.

Non-Https Image Link

Kombi guy
Kombi guy

Location: HOP Central, New Zealand
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Posted:Hi Derek, sorry to hear you are having issues with your flowlights..... All electrical equipment can be prone to faults/damage if knocked against walls or possibly used in a way thats beyond what they are capable of handling etc etc But we can definitely help as I noticed you havent had them very long at all so feel free to email through to Tom at our HOP central office and he will help you out here with this issue as he handles the support for products etc


Hope that helps as normally they are very reliable but possibly in this case the way they collided with the wall was a little more than they could simply handle.......

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Member Since: 3rd Jul 2012
Total posts: 3
Posted:Thank you for the help Kombi I'll send an email right away.

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