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Posted:Hi all! For some strange reson I can do orbitals (accidentally started doing them when practising hyperloops/airwraps), but no airwraps nor hyperllops. If watched many tutorials, but I cant get the poi to untangle, they just keep going until they lose momentum and tangle (pun intended). Any help?

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Posted:My guess would be that you're not holding enough tension on the poi when you're in the tangle, so maybe play around with it and just try to get that point where you're almost tugging the poi hard enough to start going into an orbital, but not quite? (not sure if this makes any sense)

Also if you're standing so that the poi are spinning in a wall plane in front of you, going into your airwraps should be sort of similar to a butterfly in that if you look at them from the top down, the planes are offset in such a way that they form an "X" shape with the poi heads at the ends furthest away from you, or outside of the space made by your arms.

If the amount of offset, or the size of the "X" is sufficient, then when the poi tangle they will automatically yank themselves from being outside of the space made by your arms to inside, where they'll untangle and finish your airwrap. If they don't do that, offset your planes more, or you can sort of just 'jog' the poi inwards with a little tug just as they tangle (which helps if you're doing your airwraps with very little offset to the planes).

Anyways, this is how I look at airwraps at least. Hope this helps, and don't forget that it's all just practice grin

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