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Posted:Hi everyone,

I (re)discovered the art of spinning during a trip in Asia last spring and i got pretty addicted ever since. I bought a pair of medium cathedral poi in a small shop in Koh Phangan, in Thailand and i started practicing again. The fact is, being in a hurry for no reason (full moon) i bought a shitty pair of poi made with fake kevlar. After a couple of use, i noticed that the poi head wasn't yellow anymore, but white (i mean under the burned surface). Now, when i light it with regular poi fuel, it takes only 2 or 3 min to get the chains very black and dirty, which results in black hands and clothes after making any kind of wraps (or the smallest mistake). If i get a little bit sweaty and put my hand on my face to dry it up, i look like i just got out of the mines or something... This is not normal, right?

Here are my questions. Do you think it's because of the fake kevlar if my pois get so dirty? I already planned to change them anyway but i'd like to know if any of you experienced the same problems with bad or fake kevlar. Is it dangerous for my health?

Or do you think it could have been because my fuel that was a little bit old (like 2 months)? The bottle have maybe been left in the sun for a few hours or so...

Or is it just normal to get dirty when you do spiral wraps, leg wraps etc...? If it is normal then please give me an advice to clean myself fast and easy after a show in the street. Sitting with people when you are sweaty and paint in black is not a very good sensation... And no, i won't buy led pois! wink

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Posted:In my experiences, my poi (which all of them i got here at HOP)have always had black soot when they were burned no matter the type of fuel i used (Tiki Torch oil, Kerosene, White Gas) The best advice i can give you is to bring a jar of automotive hand cleaner. Fast Orange is what i prefer. It doesn't require any water to clean with and smells really nice afterwards as well lol




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Posted:all fire poi will get dirty, chains and all. not worth cleaning them or worrying about it tbh, so long as they're in good condition and safe to use.

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Posted:beware using chemicals to clean as any residue will stand a chance of being burnt on your next spin releasing even more toxic vapours than the fuel already has. Many cleaning chemicals contain chloriine and heating that with fine will produce dangerous chlorine gas and also sodium oxides which can be deadly.
Chlorine + oxygen + fire = Bigger hotter fire and greater chance of damaging wicks or yourself

Just get a cover for your wicks to prevent them making anything else dirty as you never know how a cleaning residue will react under extreme heat.

Maybe nothing will happen but that's the chemist in me warning you wink

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


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