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Posted:here is a video and some pictures from my first burn! smile tell me what you think!
Pictures: http://imgur.com/uCb24,4gxL4,at9Gv,dm70Z,2ETGm

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Posted:Wow dude. im finding it hard to believe that was your first time on fire. it was great. only 3 months? well you must have a great teacher. i enjoyed the video. You should slowly build to a climax. maybe have a few transition moves between you main tricks so you can see when your changing from one move to another. well done.

are you gonna drink that?


Posted:thanks man! and actually i have the person who got me into it but he has only taught me very little, i learned mostly from the meenik channel on youtube haha, and yeah that was my first time, i usually dont spin that fast and am usually a lot more controlled with and stalls and whatnot but now i am completely comfortable with fire and i should be uploading another video soon


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im impressed and can relate to you because im a pyro and learned everything from nick woosley too smile

"Thats what"