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Hi every one,

I am looking at buying a LED staff, I will end up buying off the net. But with out seeing one it is very hard to work out what the quality is like and what the LED programs will look like. So I am leaving it up to the advice you give me....

I would prefer a break down staff as I do a lot of traveling, but this is not essential the main thing is to have a good quality solid staff.

I have seen these ones on line..


Home of Poi

Are there any others better than this?

Have any of you tried both of them and give some advice to me?



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Um, they are both the same staff. HoP resells the Concentrate staves. I've got 2 of the 1m ones and I love em. Nice and bright, not silly expensive and good to spin.

They are a bit bouncy so you might have trouble with some contact, but its nothing you can't deal with given a bit of practice, and then I've never found a glowstaff that is particularly good for contact!

I've seen complaints on another forum about them being unreliable, but I've not had a single problem since I bought mine in February, and I use them regularly for shows and practice.

The only real alternative is aerotech (, but they are stupidly expensive and in my experience the aerotech stuff breaks all the time.

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Someone had made a comment about having a heavier inner core for their glow staff to make it better for contact, if you do a search you could find it... I think it was mcps glow staff that had it. (I also think it was a flowtoys glow staff)

I personally would choose the concentrate staff... I don't own either, but I have used the flowstaff doubles and the concentrate doubles and preferred the concentrate ones, they had a good weight and looked more effective to me for the patterny type movements (Because of the diffused light)

The flowstaves I found looked slightly better when you do lots of spinny motions, pirouettes and such... but again, with the concentrate staves they can look VERY effective with pirouettes on certain settings (like a segmented rainbow umbrella)

The main reason is that its easier to turn on... I have the flowtoys poi and it can be a pain to get the individual lights and turn them on, especially if my hands are cold (which they usually are if I'm using them... because they tend to get used at night) or if I'm intoxicated in any way.

I guess the final clincher (if I needed it) for me is that the guy who makes the concentrate gear is local to my area... (Lives in the same state as me)

But this is from someone who doesnt own either staff.

Oh... on breakdown... I THINK that if you wait flowtoys might have a breakdown flow staff in a way... Like this...


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There is a new one now available that looks really awesome.
Check out youtube clip and product details here

Youtube clip down the bottom.

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flowtoys now make a woodcore midsection for their staffs specifically for contact. I'm goin to get one for my flowtoy systems...

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This thread is a bit old and I was wondering if there have been any new models of LED staff to come out in recent years that blow the competition away? I inquired with the guys who make atomic hoops if they've every considered selling atomic staves. They got back to me promptly but the answer was kind of wishywashy. They said they had considered it in a very non-commital way, without giving a yes or no or any kind of time frame. But that's essentially what I'm looking for - a LED staff that is very bright with lots of trippy settings. I don't care if it's ridiculous expensive as long as it's both solidly built and freakin' gorgeous, you know?

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Well it doesn't have a bunch of trippy settings but I designed a staff that's very strong and gives you control over the lighting system - it's collapsible and the LEDs are user-replaceable.

I wanted to try out contact staff but didn't want to spend $200, is essentially the story.

Anyway I make them now and charge pretty much what it costs me, $40 including LEDs. I put up a website for them and some led juggling balls I designed.

lmk what you all think, and if there is someone on here that is good w/custom led lighting patterns, maybe we could collab on a more trippy version wink

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Trick Concepts has created a new modular staff system that can use the brand new full color Ultralights from as well as your flowlights that you have collected over the years!

It is a much more sturdy system for your lights as I own them both...It also breaks down into 3 pieces and uses Metal peices so you wont have your plastic connectors breaking like I have experienced in the Flowtoys system.

Trick Concepts Modular Staff System

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

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Triskite: Looks elegant.

Can you supply more specs on the balls? Weight, type of battery, weight distribution etc?

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I have the flowtoys poi and it can be a pain to get the individual lights and turn them on, especially if my hands are cold (which they usually are if I'm using them... because they tend to get used at night) or if I'm intoxicated in any way.

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