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Funkee yeah dude! Today I were able to make the low and up turns, still not right, but I'll keep on working on those, I noticed I'm having problems with the split time spin, what is weird since is one of the most basic moves... Is probably nothing since I'm just begining. Well, tired but not angry this time :3 Gonna go sleep, g'night ^^

Today I figured that my poi don't like my cap, cuz it hitted my cap fifteen times, heh I gonna take it off before da poi hits my nose X3.
Goddamit, or Those moves are so hard or I have Zero of coordination... Probably the seccond option. Ough funk! This thing hitted my balls hard... I think I'm done for now *ouch* (coordination improving 0,9%)

Today my father saw me doing poi, he funking scared me, made me hit my nose... Well, I'm on the hospital now ^^' Nothing rly important tho, but I'm really looking forward to taste doctor's lollypop, he's rly cute *grins* (coordination improving 1%)

Hehe after three days of punishment without poi, I'm back! =D to hit my nose or something else X3 Well, today I could make the windmill without hitting me :3... Okay I'm lying, I hitted me a couple times, but to the hell, I'm geting better into this :3 (Coordination improving 2,5%)

Dam, today I'm totally sure that I have problems making the split time spin, But at least I were able to make crockscrew, I gonna train moar (Coordination improving 3%)

Yeah, totally my arms don't obey me, I gonna keep on training the split time spin for some days, so no more things in additional for a while (coordination improving 3,1%)

Funk funk funk FUNKEE! My dog got the poi and Funking destroyed it, I think he loves rice DX I gonna buy some tennis balls and make another. I HATE YOU NICK!! YOU BAD DOG YOU!! D=<....
Well, new poi make, it's kinda cute, he have a sort of cute little paws drawed in it, I think it's for dogs XD but I totally won't let Nick get it again. Well back to practice Split time spin then I'll go sleep, so I think this is the last entry today, g'night ^^ (coordination improving 3,5%)

Live your life like a wild animal... But be careful with animal control -Furry Carpediem-

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