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Posted:To trace a circle of fire on the ground right before you start: do I just not spin off, light up, and draw the circle? Gonna try it anyway, just checking to see if this is considered a spin off so I don't start flinging lit fuel around.......thanks.

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Posted:my friends and i would swing the lit Poi by each side of our body very vigorously, focusing the fastest part on the down swing. No lit fuel flew around, there would only be a small stream about a foot and a half on the back swing. But the fuel went out almost instantly. Just take proper precautions as normal.

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Posted:Light up your Poi after dipping, place them on the ground and drag/spin them decently fast in a circle around you on the ground.

I've only ever seen that done with round Poi, because the dragging makes the Poi head spin so that you get something similar to a staff burn off. The guy who showed me how to do them called them crop circles, but I don't have much experience doing it because where I burn, crop circles aren't allowed because they damage the grass.

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