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Posted:Names robby, fellow spinner livin in pataskala, 25 min east of columbus. lookin for people in the area to practice with n bounce ideas off of. if anybody is interested post on the thread n we'll come up with a good place to meet up! got a group of friends out this way im sure would already be interested but a big weekly group gathering er somethin would b awesome!

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Posted:Hey Robby,

I am Sean, nice to meet you. I work in north Columbus. I would love to meet up sometime. There is a local juggling group (if you are not aware) called Jest Jugglers. They meet weekly, here is their site
(I haven't met with them, but heard good things. I assume they are into other manipulation arts also, e.g. poi)

Other than that, I have seen people spin occasionally at Gooddale Park. It would also be a convenient spin/meet-up spot. Send me a private message, we can find a time/place that works for both of us.




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Posted:hey whats up guy i live in cambridge fire,led,staff. drop me a line at or add me on the book justin thorne