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Posted:Hello, I am going to be making a purchase, but want to make sure i get the correct item, The LED Ball Poi.. there is 2 a drop down box. Rainbow color fade & RBG Strobe.. I want the solid color ones that also strobe and switch colors? what option do I choose. Please advise

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Kombi guy
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Posted:Hiya, The rainbow colour fade option slowly fades through all the colours of the rainbow...... The strobe flash freakishly fast through just a red,green,blue sequence. Neither of those two options have a programmable feature that lets you set the colours to a selected single colour though...... You may have previously seen a different design the programmable multi function glow poi we used to have on HOP. They did single colour options and strobe and rainbow settings. We are hoping to have them available again at somestage in the future but at this time no set date until we can arrange a new version/batch etc with our manufacturer......

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