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Posted:there are one or two of these already but they didnt ask the specific questions im wondering about. i need some practice poi, figure i might try doing a little contact poi. ya know, take a break from melting my mind learning 3D patterns and what not. so, what is the actual difference, spinning, playing wise, between a 72mm and an 80mm ball. obvs i know the 80mm has a bigger diameter and is heavier but what does that mean as far as play is concerned? secondly, which handle is better? i figured i would want the weight of the silicone knob but i read everyone saying px3, is that just cause its cheaper? what do you guys think of using the stage ball and the handle with swivels on them? i wasnt really a huge fan of the stiffness in the one's i played with, you know how its a thick rope and you can feel the rope twist. which also make me wonder if i want a different cord.

im going to summarize this a best as i can the 80mm px3s are the only set with reviews in the double digits, so i know theyre a great pair. however, the wrapsta 80s have swivels, different cords, and the silicone knobs which i think i would prefer...a lot. so the questions are 1) which handles do i want/are better? 2) is having a swivel and different cord gunna make em less/more fun to spin? ive gotten really used to swivels with my fire and flowtoys but ive never played with contact poi w/ swivels. quick responses would be amazing. id like to order em before the weekend.

happy fourth everyone

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