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Forums > Help! > How do you know when to start with fire?

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Member Since: 6th May 2012
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Posted:Newbie here, iv been playing poi for about 4 years. Taught by an ex boyfriend who is no longer around to teach and help me move into fire. There are no classes or groups that are closer than 3 hours (that's one way) from where I live.
So without a teacher or school, how do I know when I'm ready and do I need to go out of town to find a teacher? Is it "unethical" or "uncool" and so forth to learn fire on your own?
I know most tattoo artists detest when people buy ink and guns online and start up tattooing without having been through an apprenticeship. It's generally looked down upon, even though some people do it anyway. Is playing fire like that? I am sure some people go online and buy fire tools and teach themselves but is that looked down upon by teachers or the fire playing community in general? Or is that pretty normal and lots of people do it? I'm not a kid who just picked this up without awareness or consideration of the safety issues. That's why I am asking. Obviously, finding a teacher would be BEST but if I can't, do I just accept I will never do fire as
long as I live in the boonies? Or can I read up, consider all the medical and fire safety issues and so forth and eventually, teach my self?
Is it the kind of thing where you wait for your teacher to tell you when your ready, or do you just feel like you know when your ready? I see lots of videos on utube of people who do a few moves and they are playing fire already, so if Im real efficient with several moves, does that mean I'm ready? If i have to "ask" does that mean I'm not ready?...getting goofy here! .ok, you get the picture! I'm all my me self, I have no one to ask but you all! Thanks for any insight! And I'm sure this questions been talked about somewhere here so if there's an article or discussion of this topic, please guide me to it! Thanks bunches!


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Posted:Only you get to make the choice of when to start! I would say that after 4 years your skills will be easily up to the task, just ensure you have a buddy or two on standby with some wet towels. smile

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Posted:"WWFF" has got it right. I was spinning for about a year before i felt comfortable with the idea of fire, BUT (big "but" there lol) before i ever lit up(or even purchased fuel or fire poi) i did extensive research into the safety and care of performing with fire as well as seeking out "horror stories" so i can better understand of situations to avoid or things not do in the event of an incident. In any case try not to let these stories scare you away from fire but use it to learn from others mistakes. currently been spinning for 3 years with fire with no major incident thanks to the knowledge and stories I have learned from.



Member Since: 20th Jun 2012
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Posted:I have been spinning for 2.5 years now. I had no intention of ever doing fire poi, BUT suddenly I am drawn to lighting up. I have been doing a lot of research and this thread has helped me the most feel like I am truly ready to spin fire. Thank you.


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Posted:Whenever the hell you feel ready and confident you won't smack yourself in the face.

practice with fire wicks not on fire fires to get used to them then go for it, start simple and work your way up, have wet towel ready to stop drop and roll and Ideally someone else on hand incase you set the back of your head on fire and can't see.

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Macaque of all trades
Location: wombling free...
Member Since: 27th Apr 2005
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Posted:FYI I did fire after about 6 weeks. but I was spinning every day.

Edit - but I was juggling clubs lol.

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A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

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Posted:i had to get the idea of spinning fire past my parents so it took me all throughout highschool (about the same 4 years you've been spinning already) and even then my first time lighting up was behind their backs and against their better wishes. i built my own set and spun fire without any form of mentor present so i dont quite think that anyone here would really look down on you. just make sure that if your going to take that step, that your being smart about it. make sure you have all your movements and manipulations you plan to use down, dont attempt something with lit heads if theres any doubt that you can do it, have someone nearby that you trust preferably somone that know's what to do in the event of an emergency, and practicing with un-lit heads is always the best idea before lighting up (lets you get use to any differences in weight).

all of which have already been mentioned though i cant stress more that you shouldnt attempt something that you dont feel confident with.

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Posted:i spun fire on my 3rd day, stick to simple stuff ( i did weaves, windmills and butterflies for the whole burn) you'll soon get the hang of it smile

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