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Posted:So, I have this gorgeous thing:
I've lit up all of four times, and no matter what I seem to do (trimming the wick/using less fuel/using different kinds of fuel/moving less while dancing/checking to make sure no fuel was anywhere but on the wick) the damn flame travels up the sword to unsafe distances from my head. Even if I'm completely motionless. It's like there's a little wind vortex...minus the wind. Alas, I can't seem to figure out how I'm supposed to safely balance this thing on my head and perform without damaging my hair...and minorly more important, my face laugh3

Help? Tips? Am I missing something obvious?


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Posted:Are you 100% sure the sword isn't dipping down a bit on the wick side?

Maybe you need to use a tiny amount of fuel (I know you said this but still) - maybe use a pipette to apply the fuel and see how many pipettes it takes before it becomes unsafe?

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