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LeoganSILVER Member
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I recently got the hang of anti-spin flowers and during the past couple weeks of refining the move while turning my body I noticed that my left shoulder pops slightly. It happens mostly when my arms are spinning backward and the Poi forward, just as my arm moves from 12 o'clock to 9 o'clock, and it's not painful but definitely noticeable. I tried modifying my technique by not overextending my arms as far and turning my body more but it merely reduced the popping as opposed to eliminating it. Is this something other spinners experience? Any advice would be hugely appreciated as this particular move is what got me into Poi last year and I love being able to perform it!

iamrelevartSILVER Member
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Let me preface this with "I am no doctor"

I used to throw a lot of javelin and discus and as a result I have several small tears in my cartilage in my right shoulder joint. Its called the labrum. I find that when I rotate clockwise with my right arm fully extended, I experience some popping. Not fully extending my arm definitely reduces this. So does rotating my torso further to follow that arm.

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Sounds like a posture issue to me. Be sure you aren't "reaching" up, try to keep your shoulder itself in place and not stretch the arm up as if you trying to get something in the back of a cabinet smile Also be sure when you are moving your arms backwards you are turning your body completely to the 'hug' position, not turning completely causes your shoulder to turn/twist in a bad way. I had a big problem with shoulder pain until I watched myself on a webcam recording. Recording yourself just to look for bad posture is very helpful because so many times I kept falling back to bad habits.

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you could find this interesting, its about movement with Poi and how to reduce strain on shoulders ect. the worst i get is a a few clicks of the spine when i get into my meltdowns for the first time in a session smile

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