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Posted:I've been spinning fans for a few months now I have tried several different ways. Applying fuel to my fans but none of them are quite efficient enough for me as of now I use a mason jar and dip my wicks but once the fuel is low its difficult to properly dip them. I've tried jars, bowls, and, cups, any ideas on a better more efficient way or how do you pros do it? smile thanks

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Posted:You're doing it right - jar and keep topping it up. Its useful to have a funnel to get any unused fuel back into your main container.

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Posted:I fuel my fans by pouring some fuel into a Sriracha bottle (any squirt bottle will do) then I lay each wick one by one onto a funnel over my main fuel bottle and squirt 'em until they are saturated. I find it a reasonable portable/tidy method.