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Posted:We have released POICLOCK app for iOS.
Please enjoy the Poivideos on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch !

Sample Video

Support Page
Download from App Store
POICLOCK is a clock that plays 5sec Poi movie and 5sec clock animation alternately with clock ticking sound.
Once you start watching, it's addictive just like poi and you can't take your eyes off!


Supported devices: iPhone4s, iPhone4, iPhone3gs, iPad2, iPad, iPod Touch,
Supported OS : iOS5

Default Application

Movie : 6
Size : Approxiamately 18MB

Available after install the default POICLOCK application.

Movie : 203
Size : 263MB

* It taks between 2 mins to 5 mins under wifi connection.
* Resume download supported.
* Full movie set will be shown after all movies are downloaded. Otherwise POICLOCK plays default 6 movies.
*If Download Error happened, please read Manual Download written below and download manually.

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