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Posted:Hi all,

I've been spinning for a little over 6 months. I bought myself some flowlights, and I've enjoyed modding them and changing the LED colors. However, I just can't seem to find a purple LED that doesn't have a red trail in strobe modes (See http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/topic/22429-modding-flowlights/
, near the bottom). The poster liked it in that case, but I don't like the extra red color with the lights I've picked. None of the LED websites I've looked at mention whether there's a red trail or not. I've even tried buying purple LEDs from Flowtoys, but it's a hassle for them and expensive for me.

Does anyone know where I can buy some purple 5mm LEDs to put into flowlights, that dont have the red tracer effect?


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Posted:You could try locating some UV LED's... Seeing that purple is a combination of red and blue, and in led's the red has a slightly longer shutdown time, then on any "purple led's you're going to have the red tracer effect... UV LED's on the other hand operate on a different wavelength and should be a solid color, The only downfall tho is the UV lights are easily drowned out by other lights and are kinda irritating to look at but i'm not sure how it would be spinning around...


Posted:I was about to try UVs but then I found some without tracers, I think. Has anyone tried UV in poi? I'd be worried about it being too dark, or that it might turn out more blue-ish.

I have found these:

Mad Vapes responded to an email saying that they don't (not sure if they understood my question or not, but worth posting). The violet LEDs on LightZombies are specifically stated to not have red tracers, except one that is specifically said to have it, so that seems like the best idea. Hopefully this will help anyone looking for this in the future.

Hi future google searchers

Thanks for the help




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Posted:LED stands for light-emitting-diode.
Now for the explanation, an LED emits light when a simple
forward acceleration of electricity runs through it. The reason
why it is more efficient is because it simply requires less
electricity to function. There are a couple reasons the LED is
so successful including how cheap they are, that they almost
never burn out, that they shine in many colors, that they shine
very bright, and the small amount of electricity they use.

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Posted:I broke the led light in my ipod touch 2nd generation, so do i need to buy a new screen to fix it?
what do i need to fix it? where i can i find something to fix it? like ebay or something cheap.

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Posted:Best way is to put Led in a Iraon frame .......It helps you .

No ebay or else ......make it you with your self .