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Location: Cardiff, Wales

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Posted:I live in Cardiff and was wondering if there are any people who would want to meet up once a week to share moves etc.
I know that there are groups in Bath and Bristol but it would be nice to be able to meet up in Cardiff if there is anyone else out there?

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Location: Cardiff

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Posted:Hey there,

I've been sinning poi for a bit, and I'm just getting into the staff. I'm living in Cardiff. I'd love to find some people to share moves with, so drop me a line!



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Posted:Hi Shem, I'm also in Cardiff! There are many more here too, we have a thread in the Meet Others section, Cymru baby, yeah, for all Wales based meets, come and say hi smile

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Posted:hey guys, i live in bridgend and would like to meet up with some others into poi. can easily get to cardiff.

if anyone is interested, please email me at grue_18@yahoo.com



Posted:Hey Trinity matey!

Not Cardiff but only hour away at end of M4. Poi, staff n clubs but could do with loadsa practice on all of them so idea of meeting in Cardiff is cool. Dunno about where exactly though. Say hello, might get something sorted. Be happy n keep smiling smile


Posted:Has this completely died a death now or is there still hope for Cardiff poi spinning?


Posted:I have just moved into cardiff and woukld love to meet up and do some poi.
E-mail me




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Posted:hey! i'm moving 2 cardiff in a few months, and i'm looking for poi spinners, get in touch! danaramadoodie@yahoo.co.uk : )


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