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Posted:so i know its probably not logical to use chains but, im lookin at buyin a fire set, the cath heads with the knob handles. i dont have a fire set but i would love to, i only get to burn twice a month, if that and i really wanna buy a pair so i can burn multiple times a week. on the otherhand, and more related to this post, my homie, who's fire set ive been burning, says i should buy a contact set. i played with a pair this friday, the PX3 pendulum set, idk what size and i really like em. plus i dont have a pair of practice poi, just my flowtoys which have rather oblong heads. so im thinking of buying the cath fire set and a pair of contact heads so i can jus take my fire heads off and use the chain for contact. my question: what do you think about having a set of contact poi with chains? i can afford to buy two sets but im not a fan of the lack of swivels on the pendulums and i feel like theres no sense in paying for PX3 knobs and cords if i already have chains. idk tho. any reply would be dope

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Posted:chains arn't suitable for contact poi tbh, smirk buy the parts and make the contact poi yourself, it'll be cheaper for a start and then you can incorporate swivels. my current contact poi are 2x80mm stage balls, a length of 4mm nylon rope linking to a no10 swivel, then a short loop of colecord from the swivel to the px3 handle.

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