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check out the event held in Jaceland, Tennessee. I copy and pasted the event description for all. I was there last year and it was such a life changing experience!!! the sky lantern ceremony and the Fire Poi performances were some of the best i've ever seen!

Our singular purpose is to connect everything and everyone to understand that we all function as one.



3 Days of Camping, Connecting, and Consciousness!

>Annual Unitus Sky Lantern Ceremony

>The Largest Fire Poi Competition in the South East($1000 Cash Prize)

>Music(Live Bands and DJs)


>Open Expression

>Swimming/Floating in the Pond

>Enchanted Forest

>Unitus Community Mural

>Nature Hikes/Exploration

>Mountain Biking


>Body Painting, Collaborative Painting

>Daily Morning Meditation and Yoga Classes

>Bonfires, Drum Circles

>Volleyball, Soccer, Frisbee, Kites, and Many Other Outdoor Activities


Bands: More TBA

Codey Bearden
Flo (Super Flo)
Copious Jones
Stephie Rae (Moonlight Riders)
Holley Howell
Natti Love Joys
Lindsay Rakers Band
The Dot Line Projekt
Eric Gant Trio
The Endangered Species
Denny Veneskey & the Choosey Beggars
Strange Planet
Douglas Bryant
Jody Parker
Jason Allbright
Lower Valley Authority

DJs/Live PA:

(Touch Samadhi) Asheville, NC - psytrance

The Annunaki first arrived on Earth probably 450,000 years ago, seeking an exotic beat to facilitate their trance states. Eventually we came to call them by many names, such as the Nephilim in Genesis, or simply gods. Whichever they are, they genetically engineered Homo Sapiens as perfect biological machines for dancing by crossing extraterrestrial genes with those of Homo erectus. Still incomplete, the machines required new patterns and rhythms to function to their fullest potential. So the gods searched, and waited, eventually finding the patterns and rhythms in Goa, India, where they studied and recorded these new patterns of mental concentration. Now their research has come to a close as the Annunaki prepare to enact their creations. Are they gods of good, or gods of evil?

Fractal Phono
(Gaian Mind, Zenon Records, Another Psyde Records) Philadelphia, PA - zenonesque/dark prog

Fractal Phono is best known for his quirky and murky psychedelic progressive trance DJ sets, as well as occasionally playing tripped out minimal techno. As resident DJ for Gaian Mind in Philadelphia, USA, Rory has evangelically spread dark progressive sounds across the land. Super squishy, yet articulate bass lines, and deep-dark, psychedelic grooves have always been the main ingredients in F.P.s performances regardless of genre.

Knob Goblinz
(Nerdy Psouth) some other dimension - psybreaks
You have been warned.....

(Radial Engine Tribe) Albany, NY - all vinyl psy/goa trance

Eric David
(Radial-Engine-Tribe, Area518)
Albany, NY - Chillout/house

(Touch Samadhi, Pangea, Zenergy) Greenville, SC- psytrance

(Pangea, Archaic Revival, Nerdy Psouth, Horrible Children, Unitus) Atlanta, GA - psytrance/techno/dark prog/chill/psy DnB

(Nerdy Psouth, Horrible Children, Unitus) Atlanta, GA - psytrance/prog

(Pangea) Greenville, SC - techno

(Pangea, Archaic Revival, Touch Samadhi) - psytrance

Michael Curran
(Archaic Revival, Unitus) Atlanta, GA- psy/goa trance/electronica/chill

(Pangea, Archaic Revival) Greenville, SC - psytrance/progressive/psy DnB

(Unitus, Archaic Revival) Charlotte, NC - progressive psy

(iOpener) Atlanta, GA - psytrance/progressive

Tonal Grooves
(Horrible Children) Atlanta, GA - tribal/progressive

(Nerdy Psouth, Touch Samadhi, Those people) Nashville, TN - psytrance

(Single Cell, Horrible Children) Charlotte, NC - psytrance

Atlanta, GA - tech/deep house

Greenville, SC - psytrance

Spacecraft Woota
Atlanta, GA - bigbeat/glitch hop

Orlando, FL - Dark Psy, Zenonesque, Progressive Psy

*<ॐ*<ॐ*Visuals by Omgrown Video*<ॐ*<ॐ*

Comedy: Black Liver Society

Performers: TBA

Workshops: TBA

Events in correlation with Unitus:


Our Booking is currently open, Please send all requests to!

Facebook Fan Page:
YouTube Unitus Video:

Early-Bird Tickets - $25 (ENDED Jan. 1-7)
Pre-Sale Tickets - $45 (ENDED Mar. 15th)
General Admission - $60
At Gate - $70

$10 from each ticket sold will be donated to Children of Vietnam to build an elementary school in the countryside of Vietnam. For each ticket purchased online, a tree will be planted. (2012)

Currently Accepting Sponsors, Vendors, Artists, Volunteers and Performers.

Please Email:

We hope to see everyone come out and join us for another transcendental experience in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee! As you know, our main mission behind Unitus is to "Unite Us" as a whole. Our vision is to connect everything and everyone to understand that we all function as one. By being one, not putting up walls, dividing, or conditioning, everyone is able to fully be accepted for who they truly are. Unitus feels so strongly about collectively being One Consciousness for many reasons, but quite simply how we are continuing to come together. It is evident that united we stand and divided we fall. In Unitus, there are no certain groups of people or any distinctions about the color of your skin, gender, sexual preference, amount of money you have or don't, style, rank, or anything regarding segregation. We are open and accepting to everyone because everyone is a part of us and family. The reason we feel so passionate about this is because we know that we have to come together and water the garden of consciousness for ourselves, environment, and future generations to come. In order to keep growing and prospering, all have to realize that they are One. When we see that we are One, for another being to suffer, we all suffer. This will prevent future pain and hatred that we cast upon others. As Chief Seattle stated, "Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." Bridging this gap that separates us from each other is the solution to solving world problems and issues. We must put aside our pride to see the truth for what it really is, no matter how scary or harmful it may appear at first. This is our duty to connect the community and restore peace among the planet and universe. There are infinite possibilities when we all join as One, balancing out each others' strengths and weaknesses, just as a good team does. We desire and strive to see all prosper, not one being left out.

The foundation of this festival is the exact same, but the theme this year will be completely different. You will feel like you are in the middle of China on a mountain top. We have many surprises that you do not want to miss out on. The theme of 2012 is based upon the Chinese Dragon. "The Dragon is a power for good, rather than evil. It wards off wandering evil spirits, brings prosperity, good fortune, signifies greatness, goodness, and blessings."(From the Book "China: The Spirit of People, Culture, and History") The Oriental Theme goes hand in hand with our Annual Unitus Sky Lantern Ceremony, which the sky lanterns originated in Asia. The Unitus Sky Lantern Ceremony is a purging of negative energy and a welcoming of new patterns and growth. Everyone will focus and channel all of the greed, grief, stress, fear, doubt, hate, and anything negative that brings us down and stops us from being who we are truly, into these sky lanterns to be released back into the Universe. From this point on, we can carry on with a clean slate and restore equality. This years donations will be going to Children of Vietnam and contributing to the $11,000 fundraiser to build an elementary school in Da Nang, the countryside of Vietnam. Ten dollars from every ticket sold will be going to support this fundraiser. We have been educated from our trip to Vietnam and seen how much more the United States Dollar can do in a Third World Country. Together we can achieve whatever we set our minds and hearts to. Come join us this year and see how your life will never be the same. "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." -John Lennon

With <ॐ,