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Hey everyone. I'm interested in cymbals and cymbal tricks. However, we recently had an idea in my fire troupe to try cymbals on fire. How would you guys go about doing this? Has any one ever done it before?

We were thinking of using wick along part of the edge of both cymbals, using some sort of screw or post to hold it into place. We thought about having the fire in a cage in the middle, but that would severely limit tricks, including crashing them together. If any one has any ideas for this, please let me know!!!! ^_^

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i'm not quite sure how to imagine your idea but for me a cymbal with fire in the middle makes me think of palm torches kinda ^^'

but my actual question was: what size of cymbals are you talking about? and what "tricks" would you do with them? i only know finger cymbals from dancing and the cymbals used on percussions

if you put wicks around the edges of the cymbals would you still be able to clash them together?

i'd also think that maybe screws could work or if you have cymbals with holes on the edges (see link)you could even sew them on (like you do with the hop fire fans kit):

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Well, they are full sized cymbals. Meaning BAND or SYMPHONIC cymbals. Just like the ones you showed in the link. The tricks are things like spinning and catching them, throwing and catching, spinning them on the drum stick like people spin plates, and a bit of poi or staff or fan type of spinning.

I don't know about being able to clash them together. I've never heard of any one doing this before and wanted to get ideas before going through with it. Since they are metal, putting holes in them wouldn't be too difficult, so screws or holes won't be a problem. Thanks for your in put!

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You could do that, but would probably adversely affect the sound of them.

If you have the cymbals to burn, it may be worth a try. Also, check what metal they are. The coating may react to heat and give off toxic fumes of some flavour.

Edit: Also, melting is likely, since I doubt that they are designed for 100C temperatures.
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I've had alot of experience with cymbals from field marching to cymbal ensembles.IMO I wouldn't set a pair of cymbals on fire.
And for the tricks you'll be looking into cymbal flips for the most part. There's a few designs that you draw with the cymbals,like the crazy 8s. And how many people will be in the group. And for the size, if you don't have any experience with cymbals, I strongly suggest 16 or 18 inches just because 20s are really heavy and the sheer strength you need the flip the cymbals.

This video might help with some tricks.

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I suspect the heat will drastically weaken the thin metal and cause them to break, especially if not heated evenly.

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