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Posted:ok so here is the deal, i run a small entertainment company in columbus ohio called PoiGlo. We specialize in performing Poi at other peoples parties. I am wanting to expand the business into more states. Pleas email me at tim81093@yahoo.com for any questions. And our website is www.poishows.webs.com


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Posted:Originally Posted By: gecko7897i can do about 20 to 30 different tricks along with a lot of variations and live about 2 hours from columbus should email me gecko7897@yahoo.com

Since you felt it necessary to grave dig I feel it necessary to start spouting my existential bull about poi spinning. You are limiting yourself horribly by thinking of poi as "learning tricks". Everything is simply different motions in relation to each other creating different patterns, you can literally do the exact same "trick" dozens of different ways and it comes out looking entirely different, labeling is simply a poi spinners claim to fame and a way for one spinner to communicate with another easily without having to demonstrate.

I don't want to ever hear of you saying tricks when referring to poi ever again, you can come out of the corner when you've learned your lesson.


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Posted:To elaborate on "you can literally do the exact same "trick" dozens of different ways" think of the arm motion for a split time butterfly, now a pac-man, now a split time butterfly extension, now an in-spin, it is all the exact same pattern is it not?

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Posted:good call soopa

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Posted:Yeah, I was wondering about that as well. 20-30 moves is not a lot if you count varaitions, and no self-respecting spinner classifies their level of talent by how many 'tricks' they can do. It's about how fluently and artisticly you can put them together.

The best routines I have seen mostly consisted of pretty basic moves, but done cleanly, with creative variations, and most importantly, fantastic flow from start to finish.


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Posted:Yeah I agree that how many moves you do has absolutely nothing to do with how "good" you are. And how "good" someone is at spinning is depending upon the watcher. It is like music, what is amazing to one person could be something to make ears bleed to someone else.

My best example of simple spinning would be this:

Also that is by far the best spinning music I've heard in my life! Does anyone know music similar to that?

Also that is by far the closest I've recently come upon that is like me when I practice o0 Although when the fire comes I forget a ton of what I know laugh3

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Posted:Originally Posted By: T-S-AI wouldn't consider poi dancing to be the typical style of dancing. Like yourself I can't dance for censored, I fall over my feet and look like a bear having a seizure.

Things not to do with fire........ spank

Seriously though I think everyone should pursue their dreams but realistically and responsibly. Wicca, 2 of the video links on your page do not work and route to not so trustworthy 3rd party websites, that right there just looks shady (might wanna take those links down). From the only video I saw I don't think you're going to make much sales if that's all you have to advertise and certainly don't think you should play with fire unless you really know your safety from head to toe.

It's not about moves or guts and those things are not what makes a good show, but more so your stage presence, flair, and professionalism. Those are the 3 things that will take you far if you want to do this thing.

Also please don't charge people for light shows and expect to have any takers because I have seen very inebriated people with nice lights put on better shows who beg people to just sit there. Not being mean, just trying to keep it real.


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Posted:I'm told I stand out from the crowd for my transitions, I literally don't know many *ahem* "tricks" but I variate and change constantly, I have been experimenting with plain bending (badly) simply as an extension of my beliefs that poi spinning is not so much being flashing and doing...tricks...as much as a total freedom of motion and ability to manipulate something in an artistic and unique way, creating beautiful visuals for your audience while expressing your individuality as a person/spinner

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Posted:hey I'm also from columbus, I just wanted to say if you can't find any spinners in columbus you aren't looking hard enough. I've been spinning for 3 or so months and no offense but i have wayyyyy more down than you do in that video, and I'm a noob compared to a lot of the people I hang out with. I'm not trying to hate or anything but I mean there are tons of spinners out there, have you ever gone to comfest?

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Posted:ok i dont like to brag about my skills cuz i know that i suck but the way everybodys makin it sound, i could be making $100 a "show" and i think itd honestly be more fun to just hang out for an hour, spin, listen to music, and take tips...and then youd make like at least $200. so my question to you is how do you find people too pay you to spin?

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Posted:I learned to spin in Denver as a promoter for Ryan Dykstra Nightlife & Club Pure


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Posted:Please take a moment to like my page thank you.

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Posted:tempting. . . hit me up if you get anything in oregon over summer or winter break?

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