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International Fire Festival in Goa
and a challenge of the Guinness World Record

An international fire festival called Fire Fest Goa takes place on the Indian Ocean coast from February 22 to February 29. More than 100 top-liner fire and circus performers from all over the world will take up a challenge of the Guinness World Record longest 7 day nonstop fire show. During the whole week the fires will not go out even for a second. National Indian TV will cover the event along with the on-line Internet video streaming.

The Festival agenda is not limited by time-and-scale- record fire show, but comprises also a unique fire performers battle, where the best fire tamers compete to decide the winner.

Many tourists from all around the world , the locals and the special guests, internet users of the social networks Facebook, Google and Vkontakte will be the grateful spectators of the Festival.

The aim of the Festival is not mere demonstration of the fire tricks or dance ingenuity. Fire Fest Goa is a chance to give a real opportunity to the people of diverse religions and nationalities to change the world for the better altogether.

The place of Festival is Wild Nest location, Arambol, North Goa, India
You can get any additional information with or by calling +919158058309

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