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so like i been looking for insurance so that i could start fire poi here and there and every place i have called or try has said they didnt cover it. and i just got done calling this kim girl who said she only cover the calf area which made me sad =(. but any ways so if u guys could help in any way or form that would be great plz and thank u.

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I've had two quotes from companies to cover me fire eating, body burning and fire fans. I'm not sure which to go for though, as one is a broker specifically for performers, and another (which has a lower excess) is a general business liability broker who have put me with a company in Gibraltar!?!? Not sure which to go for.

I'm from the UK by the way, I've only just registered so not sure if this forum is international smile

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I found this for you

Quote:Hiya people
Hope the New Year is bringing you good things
A guy fom Equity (entertainers union) contacted me after I expressed interest in Fire Insurance with them, after a year.
He has obviously spent the time finding companies willing to take this on:
Heres the email he sent:

Dear performer,

Some time ago you indicated to us that you may be interested in public liability insurance for performing with fire. It has taken us longer than anticipated to find a suitable policy but we are now pleased to announce our new scheme.

In conjunction with First Act Insurance and Royal SunAlliance we are now introducing a block policy for Equity members who use fire. The cost to fully paid up Equity members, as it is subsidised by Equity, is 26.25 per annum each. If you wanted to take out this policy you would need to complete the proposal form (attached) and return it directly to First Act Insurance at the address shown with your premium. Your payment for 26.25 should also be made payable to First Act Insurance.

The policy will cover individual members for a limit of indemnity of 2,000,000 on any one claim. Please note that cover is only operative whilst the insured is performing away from their own premises. On receipt of an acceptable Proposal Form you will be sent your own Policy and Certificate. This cover will be annually renewable subject to Equitys agreement. Only the activities specified on your Certificate will be covered by this policy.

An example of the acceptable activities are;

Fire Juggling POI

Angle grinding (performing) Comedy Cars

Devil Sticks Fire Eating and Blowing

Staff Body Burning

Dove Pan

In addition to the Proposal Form, I attach a Summary of Cover together with First Acts Terms of Business. A copy of the policy wording is available on request.

Please note in particular the Policies Special Condition in connection with safety procedures.

Should you have any queries with regards to this matter please contact Tom Hannon at First Act Insurance on tel

If you have any questions about Equity membership please contact Stephen Rice on .

Best regards,

Michael Day

London Variety Organiser

mday at equity.org.uk

Direct Tel:

Direct Fax:

Equity, Guild House, Upper St Martins Lane, London, WC2H 9EG

I have taken out the tel. nom's for privacy. If you need them you can contact me or better still him direct on the email. Please mention that I have passed this on.

Equity's website is: https://www.equity.org.uk/
Fee: Full Membership of Equity
Subscriptions Full Membership of Equity Subscriptions are based on your previous tax year's gross earnings from your professional work, including royalties, repeats and residuals. In addition there is a one-off joining fee payment of 25.00.

The current rates were agreed at Equity's 2004 Annual Representative Conference and are valid until June 30th 2006. Your subscription should be calculated as being 1% of your gross earnings from the previous tax year, e.g if you earned 10,000 then your subscription is 100, if you earned 15,300 it is 153 and so on up to a maximum of 1,750. The minimum annual subscription is 90 (i.e if you earned less than

!!!!!Not sure what this would be for me, as I dont have a Annual income. I shall contact them and see, or if anyone else fancies it, please let us know what the outcome was.

So anyway seems cheaper than County Mutual AND gives you all the considerable benefits of being in the union AND is avaiable for visting aritsts (although you'd probably have to check to see wether you were covered by the insruance?:

Visiting Artist Membership costs 25 plus 1% of your earnings from the engagement up to a maximum of 1750

So there you go. I think its waht we've all been crying out for. Looks like theres someone to give county mutual a run for their money and hope it works out. I would be interested in feedback from anyone that joins on this thread, as I wont be till my insurance runs out in Sept
Peas and Carrots to all

Seems like a great deal
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