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Anyone play with these yet? I would want/need to make them heavier. It looks like the rings slide up and down (or at least three). I wonder what the weight would be if I removed the rings and used a solid piece of PVC instead?

I like the idea though, and will probably add them to my want list.

Comments please?

Talked to customer support. They confirmed that the rings could be removed (or more added) and a solid piece of PVC should fit over poi(given it has the correct diameter). I am pretty excited now.


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Posted:I ordered the Ninja Poi after i asked if they solved the problem. So they have.
Until now they working fine and i crashed them often together. If this change i will tell it.
May what is interesting for other, i also ordered the Flowmass from the Flowtoys. I put them on the Ninja Poi after removing the rings. (one i left there on the top) Was using lube otherwise it is not possible. But i read that it is the same with the flowlight case. Now the weight with swiffel is 164 gramm per head! So nice flow with it.
I really want to upload pictures for you but did not realize how it's working... 8)
If i check how i will do it.


Posted:so i was spinning today and the part that hooks the cole cord to the poi exploded. but cause home of poi rocks they are replacing them.

i would like to see a pvc piece that covers the bottom of the ninja poi cause i see that it gonna get dinged up some


as far as durability i would imagine it couldnt be to hard to reinforce the hoops smirk
i wouldimagein you could take some fiberglass or another form of composite material and reniforce it although i would like to hear some thoughts from other people

P.S. my poi that didnt break wile i was spinning slammed into a wall and dented the steel frame but my poi was fine although a bit of the plasitc was chipped off but not anything noticable unless you are looking at it up close so they are fairly durable

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Posted:ok heres my review of these ninja poi's. i have had these for 4 months now. within those 4 months i have shattered the top casing once and i just shattered another one the other night. HOP has sent me a replacement for the first one when i broke it a few months ago as well. my second poi now starts to turn off after a few seconds of spinning. i believe it has something to do with the circuitry being loose or something in it. i was just looking on their website and the ninja poi's are no longer listed on there as well. not sure if they are recalled because there have been so many durability problems with them but they are awesome lights but not so awesome durability. HOP has contacted me and they are sending me new replacement pairs for the broken ones i have. WOOO HOOOO!!!!
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Posted:They are undergoing a new redesign. Should be available later in August.
Otherwise we do have stock for replacing broken ones with a newer design.

May your balls always burn


Posted:I love these Poi, they are such a great weight but the attachment loop needs to be redesigned/reinforced. My first set broke after 4 days, the attachment loop just popped off, they sent me a replacement set. As of twenty minutes ago on this morning before the Pretty Lights show both the attachment loops on my replacement set broke off. FML, I was so excited to spin them tonight. Guess I will just have to stick to my flowlights.


Posted:Has anyone tried the V3 ones yet? I want to know how the compare to the old ones


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Posted:I have the V2 version of the ninja poi, and not really played with them much, still using the first batteries in them, but one has stopped working. I can start it, and it works for about 2 minutes, then stops. I have put a fresh battery into that poi, and it makes no difference.
If something is wrong with them, what exactly is it, maybe I can fix it myself if I know what the actual problem is.



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