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Well after a couple of years spinning in the dark side I've decided I'd share some stuff. There is nothing really technical in my moves,just the technique used for projection on itself. We did it in one shoot trying to mix an unfinished routine. the project is still in process and very slow but we'll get there.
Please Enjoy

E-motion 2010

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Posted:Really cool idea. Like you are playing and interacting with the planes, or the planes are playing and interacting with you. This is the type of stuff I try to visualize when I play. I am looking forward to seeing more.




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Posted:Can you make vertical projection as well ?
Can it capture the Poi as well ?



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Posted:yes it's possible with this program, but is not easy to use it.


Posted:This is pretty amazing man. I love your style, such a smooth flow.


Posted:Really cool video!
Super smooth moves. And I love how fluently you wrap the pois in and out! grin




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Posted:ohhh that great


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