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Posted:Fellow Poi Performers,

I have developed a steel wool bundle that puts out sparks 30 to 40 feet in either direction. This method puts out so much spark that attention to safety is a REQUIREMENT.

Essentially you create a metal basket out of garden wire that looks like a big 4 inch tube. You then unravel your steel wool so that it will fit tightly inside the basket. This is usually done by tying a rope to one end of the wool and pulling it through the basket form the bottom up. Heavy wire connects to the top of the basket to a single wire that is used to swing the basket.

You lite the bottom of the basket first. The swinging motion passes air through the wire basket and burns the wool from the bottom up.

This creates MASSIVE spark. And It burns from 20 to 30 seconds. Below outlines what effects the length of the burn.

[*]Wool Density. The more you can pack in the better.
[*]Mesh size of the wire basket. Small mesh increases burn time because the wire mesh restricts air flow.

If you attempt this make sure you swing the wool on a angle so material does not fall on your head and shoulders. If you fail to do this you will get fried. Also, a fast spin is a safe spin.

Here's an example of such a burn. Enjoy!

If this containment method has been discussed before please ignore.


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Posted:pretty standard, always effective smile

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Posted:It is fun, as long as much care is taken not to get hit with the cages! Search on this forum for it's most common name, "Sparkly Poi"...

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