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Posted:Good Afternoon

There is a petition at the following address to get the StarWars Kid into Episode III.

Obviously it is unlikely to work but there are now nearly 20,000 signatures on the petition so as there are a few thousand people who pass through here I thought you might all like to know.


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Posted:the dude has paid a high price for his fame.
let us hope that he is allowed the opportunity utilise it!
go go poetic justice!!

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Posted:If the SWK gets into episode three I am going to go see it 300 times.




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Posted:For more fun involving the Star Wars Kid, check out the following:

Lots of good remixes of the video! A link to the petition for Ep III is also on the site.

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If SWK had been in Ep.III it might have been worth seeing.

Anyone else think the light sabre fights were pretty crap compared to the first two? Should G.L. have got some decent choreography, seeing as how everyone's used to the likes of Matrix and Crouching Tiger?

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Posted:Er yeah, how about he actually just got the same crew who did ROTJ? That (apart from the Darth Maul vs Qui Gon and Obi Wan finale of Ep 1) is the best lightsaber duel in existance. Cmon, Vader getting kicked down the stairs and bouncing off the tip of his lightsaber? Vader throwing his saber? Luke backflipping out of a computer station onto a catwalk? The sheer emotional content as he duels with his father?

ROTJ rocked and remains the best SW film to date (closely followed by ESB)

After much consideration, I find that the view is worth the asphyxiation.
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Posted:Sethis! Are you mad?! Empire then Jedi!