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Best fire theatre of BY, PL and UA in 2007, Bychyna competition
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Posted:Dear Fire-friends!

I want to invite you to Belarus to perform on festival.

"DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre" invites You to participate in a big
fire- and theare- festival in Minsk.
We want to see some fire-superstars there.
You are definitely one of those stars. 8)

I have now some new information about that Belarusian Fire-Festival in may.
That is it:

Official dates of event is may, 18-20, 2012.

Participants arrive on 18.05 evening or 19.05 morning.
All event take place in recreation zone "Ratomka", 30 km from Minsk, Belarus.
All participants will have accomodation in a hotel next to the stage and festival location.
All participants will have meals 2 times per day plus it will be "VIP-zone" for participants with food and drinks any time during festival.

All travel costs will be covered (!!!). Only "crazy" and overpriced travel costs will not be covered (we just have to know about the planning travel costs plus visa costs).
All participants perform approximately 3..4 times minimum (short performance on the Opening Ceremony on Friday (5min apprx),
then maybe fire-performance during the Friday evening Fire-Program, then maybe the daytime performance on Saturday, than
(very important) fire-performance during saturday evening Fire-program.

If You need, you can leave on Sunday morning, or, of course, You can stay till Sunday evening (departure time).

I will be looking for Your decision. You can ask all questions you wish.

Thank You! And hope to meet You soon - in Belarus or in Europe!

(By the way, san You, please, recommend me some French festivals (of
Fire, of Theatres, of Medieval or of Fantasy), that worth
participating? The festivals, that able to invite theatre from

Best Regards,
Aliaksej "Bekar" Burnosenka,
Open Air medieval Theatre
"DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre"
phone: +375 29 5076263
skype: bekar_by
Minsk, Belarus

Best Regards, Aliaksej <span style="font-weight: bold">"Bekar"</span> Burnosenka,<br />Fire and Medieval Theatre <span style="font-weight: bold"> "DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre"</span> <br /> <br />e-mail:<br />phone: +375 29 5076263<br />Minsk, Belarus

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