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Posted:So ive already ordered (2) 80mm Mb stageballs along with colecord px3 handles and silicone handles.
So let the questions begine... Ive seen the video derek made but he commented and said he wouldnt suggest his setup for contact poi..
My plan is to drill two holes across from echother and pull a knot through to inside the ball then jus connect whichever handles i decide i like
Would it be better to drill on the seam or away from the seam of the ball
Would this work as contact poi? I dont see why the wouldnt
Is there a better way to do all this? I jus want them to be pretty sturdy

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Posted:I would think you are better drilling a hole on one side and then cutting a slit on the other, you should then be able to deform the ball to get your cord through the slit, and glue it back together when you're done.

*total guesswork*

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Posted:i just bought a pair of contact poi that are set up just like the ones you see on most videos, only with slight differences in the materials used.
The interesting bit is that the vinyl stageball looks like it was drilled on one side, (not on the seam) and then somehow countersunk (i imagine they used a drillbit, but maybe a knife?).

My guess is that they then knoted the end of the rope, melted / hotglued it, and pushed it in to the countersunk hole on the stageball.

the end product is clean, and after one intense day of learning contact moves (ie the poi was flying and crashing a lot), it showed no signs of wear or the possibility of coming apart.

my only critique so far is that it was made with rope which is very slightly smaller than the ones i see from HoP, and it is rough enough to hurt my wrists/arms after a few wraps.
(colecord is probably a LOT nicer)

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Posted:Hey agrovent thanks tons. You answered every question i had. Ive seen the video that was posted as well.. My stuff jus arrived today.. Not gonna mess with melting the hole and all that. Gonna drill two hole across for eachother *away from the seam* and pull a stopper knot into the middle of the ball i dont want a big slit in the ball.. Any adjustments i need to make i will do woth the handle end. Thank you for all the feedback helped me hope it will help others