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Location: Online!
Member Since: 13th Jan 2005
Total posts: 103
Newest video from the Fire Technicians! Whatcha think?

Kangaroo Island eh? I hear that place is really hopping!

Mark Husted
Mark Husted

Location: Fresno, CA USA
Member Since: 18th Mar 2006
Total posts: 177
Posted:Beautiful stuff guys. You have standards and it shows. Cheers!!

Keep it Lit....

Location: St. Louis-ish Missouri USA
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2006
Total posts: 5
Posted:Amazing. I get chills every time I watch this.
Every frame, every second, magical.

Location: (SVK) - Slovakia
Member Since: 29th Oct 2004
Total posts: 58
Posted:all I can do is: eek
love the camera work

...can you speak poi?

AJ Hege
Location: Orlando, FL
Member Since: 15th Nov 2011
Total posts: 5
Posted:Very groovy! Nice work

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