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playa polina
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Location: bangalore india

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Posted:Hello fellow poi people!

I am a newly arrived expat in Bangalore, I have been learning poi for around a year, and I am looking for other poi entusiasts to spin with and learn from.

Please give me a shout if you're in Bangalore and want to meet up for some poi fun in the sun.

Thank you!

would love to find other poi enthusiasts in bangalore to learn from and spin with.

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Location: dali , china

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Posted:seems in india there r not so many poi players~~~~~~~~

i was thinking to go to nepal to look for a poi teacher, but maybe thailand is the best choice~~~~~~~~

i love poi, even though i just start for 3 weeks , poi is my dream in the coming year.


Posted:Few of us spinners jam in Bangalore once in a while.... Check PM


Posted:Hey Guys,

Iam in the beginners level of POI.
Love to meet you all spinners and Learn more!
Please let me know where and when u guys meet.





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Posted:m from bangalore..nd i want to learn poi ...Please advise!!


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