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Should I be spinning around my poi, or should my poi be spinning around me???
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Posted:Saw this in the HoP Staff section.... haven't found anything about it, anybody using one? recommend any vidz of it??

Spinning makes the world go round

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Posted:I really want to see one of these in use. With a large wick in the center, you could do some neat looking isolation work. It is probably comfy to swing with those ball handles too.

I have seen some isolation hoops/rings with the wick in the center similar to that. I bet this prop is a real winner. I am very interested.

Note to HoP:
How about a demo video for this product? Certainly would increase interest in this unique prop.



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Posted:I kind of want to see one of these in use too. There are no youtube videos on this and when I google it all I get are links back to HoP. It's hopeless. I think someone needs to buy it and try it out. Then perhaps make a video. ;D

Maybe that person will be me, if I can bring myself to buy it by staving off the temptation to get more poi props. D:

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Posted:It's classified as a club by the juggling community hence it's also sold in the club category here at HOP. The best way to find videos of it is by searching the generic name of double ended club swinging; however, it is difficult to find this too, especially the fire variation. I will make this my personal quest to get good video of this with the throws and switches unique to this double ended prop. Most likely I will try to get Jonah to use mine since he is a thousand times better than I am.

For now, for those wanting to get a glimpse of how it could be simply used, look up club swinging by itself. Double ended club juggling and swinging exist too, but by themselves. I'm sorry that there aren't many (if any) public videos of them being used to their full extent.

One of my favorite club swinging videos is:
The art of club swinging

For those purchasing this item, a few tips:
1) The flame on the HOP Sucristick is much larger than you'd expect. I choose to split this into 3 1.5 inch wicks spaced apart, but holding the club/sucristick straight down gets very hot very quickly.
2) HOP's and others I've seen is metal all the way to the ball end, this will burn skin with ease. When doing throws and catches, either wear gloves, (Nomex flight gloves work the best, and be custom fit.) or really aim at catching just the end in a circle grip (think the american 'okay' hand signal, and let it slide out to the ball. Another option is to make your own out of a wooden dowel and slide a steel (less heat conduction) or aluminum tube over the center where you want your wick.
3) Practice a lot. I know this is a 'duh' point, but getting a feel for the length, and just buying the correct length will help out a lot. With the wick at the center and extended, when lit there is an optical illusion that the club/ss is shorter than it appears. Careful not to hit yourself, your face (on inside arm spins/swings) or your arms (when fully extended).

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Thanks for the info. This entire time I was envisioning manipulating this sucristik one or two at a time. I have never seen or heard of a double ended club until now.

Found this video

on double ended clubs (see the second part also).

Here are the clubs for sale http://www.cabezademartillo.cl/index.php?route=product/product&path=35&product_id=59
I am really interested in tossing three of these around.

Exciting. This is like a horse of a different color.



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Posted:One of my favorite club swinging videos is:
The art of club swinging

that is sick she does encorporates poi and can do extra stuff b/c its solid


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Posted:Originally Posted By: dopesauceOne of my favorite club swinging videos is:
The art of club swinging

that is sick she does encorporates poi and can do extra stuff b/c its solid

With the notable exception of wraps and tangles. But on the plus side, no minimum speed.

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Trybal Wolf
Trybal Wolf

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Posted:Neat, I have to make some.

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