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Posted:i always seem to be in long flowy skirts, which is not always easyi dont have special twirling clothes but soon i would like to make some costumes.maybe some pants. i dont think i've ever twirled in pants! i think a giesha girl dress with pants would look good....what are peoples ideas on costumes?

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Posted:Firebunny -- aka Saffire!

Whiffle Squeek! You made me blush!!

The sparkly bra is well known and loved around here!! I love to wear my bellydance chains while dancing and I have a gorgeous silver headpiece with little bells on too! It depends on the venue and age of the guests though. Sometimes sparkly bras are not appropriate!! So,I have loads of sparkly shirts and jackets that I picked up really cheaply at a second-hand shop! Great little places for costume bargains!!

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Posted:I wear a leather bra top that is black with red flames and a black leather mini skirt with flames coming up that too. My huband thinks I should change to leather pants, he says he has seen me bum a few times and doesn't want others to see , but I don't care so I just keep twirling.

I also wear heavy blue jeans and a black husband beater tank top when not "performing" and just doing it in the back yard.

As for the naked thing, I am going to try this as soon as the privacy fence is up in our yard


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Posted:a loin cloth and feathers, but to many people got the wrong idea and since i consider this a "family" show i put my pants back on

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