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Dirty Marmite SpiderClimbing up my leg
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Post deleted by Dirty Marmite Spider

King Of Bongoaddict
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hehe, I got the worst one.

I wanted to be a lampost...

yeah. It came from a stupid joke I wanted to make when I was a kid about "being so bright" but I forgot the punch line and my family has laughed at me for it ever since. awww.

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yannicusGOLD Member
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I was thinking about what i would want to be when i grew up, and then i realized i'm never going to.

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CantusSILVER Member
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Jessica - Po na na in Sheffield is full of drugs and dealers. Just goes to show what a positive influence you are

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Dirty Marmite SpiderClimbing up my leg
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Location: England

Post deleted by Dirty Marmite Spider

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First I wanted to be a sewer worker (when I was really little) so I could hang out with the ninja turtles.

Then I wanted to work in the coast guard (my father did this)

Then I wanted to do nothing and be a bum.

Then I wanted to be a commercial pilot, but realize im to lazy to get the grades for it. Then I realized I wanted to become a nurse, which im kind of sticking to, but im drifting towards psychology, as I was more interested in psych nurseing anyways.

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When i was little i was raised by the tv and wanted to be an actress, like my heroine Marylin Monroe...T
hen i grew up and realised that i have actually been drawing pictures since I was a feotus and decided instead to be an illustrator...
Then I went to college and realised that i didn't have any ambition to be an illustrator...
So now i'm working a job i hate whilst i figure out if i want to do either..a) go into the music industry either as a techi or a singer/songwriter b) artist or c) actually go back to the start and go into acting.

But that's just me being a typical woman. shop around for hours and buy the thing you tried on first!

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RoziSILVER Member
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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

First I wanted to be an adventurer
Then I wanted to be a barrister (to annoy my sister cos that is what she wanted to be)
Then I wanted to be a graphic designer
Then I wanted to make lots and lots of money and attend high-powered business meetings wearing a sharp suit
Then I wanted to never wear a suit again
Then I wanted to be a trainer
Then I wanted to run my own small business...

I still haven't reached that growing up bit yet, I will hopefully have many more satisfying career changes to go through.

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Flame Vixenmember
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Location: Melbourne, Australia

Ok well at first when I was really little all I wanted to do was make mud-pies
Then I wanted to be a school teacher
Then I wanted to be a chef
Then I wanted to be a professional dancer(dilemma: I can't dance)
Then I wanted to join a band and be a singer (can't sing )
After that I think I wanted to learn to play an instrument and succeed in that
Then I wanted to be a gymnast
Forensic Scientist
Professional netball player
Chef again

But I work in a Cafe now, so yeah, but I still have an interest in Photography, but I'm too lazy to go to school and do a course. I've been told I change my mind like Melbourne weather... so who knows....

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AdeSILVER Member
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oooh, when I was little I wanted to firstly be a truck driver driving petrol tankers

then I wanted to be a mechanic

I'm now a librarian/trainer

who really wants to study mechanical engineering and get to know engines better

or just hang out in my library a bit more....

DentrassiGOLD Member
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what all of your dreams were when you were a kid and what you actually do now.

surely that implies that we've all grown up.... personally i dont beleive i have.... ( my parent agree)

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KajiQuantum Theorist
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ummm lets see

I wanted to be an astronaut
Then I wanted to be a palentologist (sp?)
Then I wanted to be a sniper
Then I wanted to be a fighter pilot
Then I got glasses and discovered you can still be a sniper if you wear glasses
Then I wanted to be an assassin/hit man
Then I wanted to be a pyrotechnition
Then I wanted to be a Network Security Specialist
Then I wanted to be a Computer Games programmer
Then I became a network tech/designer, a programmer, and a web designer. (One slight catch I'm unemployed)
When I go back to school in a year I want to get into network research and development, and eventually want to Get my masters and Phd and teach at British Columbia Institute of Technology or University of British Columbia.

I have also conculuded that growing up is over rated and I've decided not to.

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