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Posted:I wanted to know how much Kevlar cost at each site, but hated looking them up again and again.

I know that placing other stores info is against the rules, but I think HOP will like this too.

So, in case there are those who purchase a lot of Kevlar, but do not have a direct wholesale distributor. I have created a spreadsheet with as many online Kevlar distributors that I know about.

Flat wick is listed by dimensions and rope by fraction. Units in inches and Prices in US Dollars unless otherwise specified.

This is the result:


Kevlar Prices

HoP's 3/4 in diameter rope is by far the best deal.

FYI, direct shipment from a Kevlar Manufacture is sometimes cheaper, if you have the connections.

You can go ahead and check my math and tell me if anything is wrong.

Hope this helps someone.

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