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Me and a few others from Bradford and Leeds are getting into poi and flags.

It would be great to get together with any other spinners in the area to hang out and learn some new moves.

Anyone around nearby?

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Posted:Hey.. U spin poi? Yeah, i do too.. Recently moved 2 england, but havnt found any else 2 spin with. would love 2 meet and get together to spin more often. i live in halifax, but am mobile, so would be gr8 2 meet up. jus get back to me??


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Posted:I'm near Lincoln. Leeds aint too far to travel for me. I have a few friends who spin too.


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Posted:Leeds juggling club has a few spinners I think - they meet Wednesdays. If you can travel to Huddersfield we have a juggling club on Tuesdays (7-9 then the pub) which you'll be welcome to. Doubt we'll be having outside spin nights till the weather improves though.

PM me if you want to come to the Hudds club and I'll sort you out directions smile

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