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Posted:I've spent a lot of time playing with my twin hoops this week, and I just wanted to share my progress... I've only had my own pair for almost a month now and I am thrilled with how quickly I've caught on... any pointers are more than welcome, I don't know anyone else who spins them and would love some feedback; thanks for watching smile

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There is no perfection, only progression.

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Posted:Can you tell the guy with blue t-shirt that smoking is really
bad and continual hyperloop is easier done backwards,
please ? grin



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Posted:Nice work, try getting comfortable with turns and making fast grip changes so you can have a bit more freedom of movement. Also work on isolations and separating the movement of your hands so that one keeps hooping in a static spot while the other does something else. You're doing really well for one month.


Posted:Haha Yay Kel, I all came to home of poi to find a cool video and end up seein "poopin" instantly knew what it was XD


Posted:thanks for the feedback as well as the pointers I really appreciate it smile

There is no perfection, only progression.


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