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Captain Danger

Captain Danger

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Posted:Howdy! I'm kind of new to all this forum stuff, but I'm desperately seeking some advice and this seemed like the place to go... A few weeks back I bought myself a Chaos Staff purely on impulse and have since been struggling to figure out what I can do with it! So far I can spin it infront of me, throw it, reverse the direction, pass it under my legs and do some basic palm spins and throws... does anyone out there have one and if so what sort of tricks are there? I can't find any instructional videos on it and keep getting the feeling that it wants to go behind my back, but I'm really doubtful about that... any help? Anyone?

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1) Spins:
Finger spins - The ability to spin the CS with your fingers. This includes in the wheel, face and planes.
Contact spins Spins that involve only on point of contact like using devil/luna sticks.
Flat spins Like palm spins where the Chaos staff spins like a top on the cross point. Try on finger tips and your head too.

2) Isolations:
Isolate one head or all four in a sequence for planetary effects.
Learn to bend the planes by moving the CS and your body.
Isolate one, two or even 3 heads to get walking effects.
Quarter time - with another CS in front opposing directions to look like gears. Play with direction and timeing if you have multiple.
Spider Passes try spinning in the floor plane and passing in between your legs using your legs as a guide for figure 8s. Now try it with anti-spin, now anti-spin figure 8, now AS8 but include your torso, how about AS8 around your legs, torso, neck, and arms? Good luck.

3) Wraps:
Around your wrists or other toys.
Wrap around fingers in a palm spin to palm spin transfer above your head; this also can add speed if the CS is slowing down.

4) Floaters:
While spinning very fast, CSs can be transfer and even slid along body parts. Actually it tends to stay in one spot above you as you transfer it to different body parts. Works better with an angled plane.
Try it first passing between the palm and the back of the hand of the same hand first.

5) Throws:
Almost any short staff or baton throw can be transferred to a Chaos or cross staff. Works best for CSs when in a flat spin on the

6) Saws:
This is when you are rolling on one of the staves and letting the other spin, like a saw. On your arms, or holding in between your palms and spin them like a helicopter. These arent ever continuous but in for transitions and throws.

7) Weaves and Fountains:
Grab an end and stay in plane, or the center and be careful, especially when going over the top or coming up underneath. Easiest way to start is to spin in a saw, finger spin, STOP, flip the CS, and then finger spin to another saw, after that, keep the spin going and switch to one hand while flipping the other hand to the other side.

8) UFOs and Atoms:
Want more chaos? Spin and bend your planes back and forth. Under the arm for half a beat, flip, then over the arm, flip and repeat for UFOs.
Even more chaos? Isolate the center of the CS like you would a contact orb.

9) Stops and stalls:
Try spinning the cross staff and then move a finger out suddenly to stall the CS before reversing directions, e.g. while finger spinning clockwise, move the hand to the right and the CS will want to keep spinning, lift up, zero point, and then start falling CCW.
Even better, to reverse the spin of a throw.

10) Mixed Media:
I think you get the idea here.

11) Splits:
Take them apart and use them like DblStvs.

12) Hybrids:
Try cool pendulum and timing patterns, or spin the CS around an imaginary axis oriented 45 degrees to your CS for difficult but awesome trail patterns.

13) Transitions:
This is the hardest part. Move your planes and yourself.
Try a front spin then turn and keep spinning and try all your moves behind the back. If it wants to go there, let it.

All I got for now.
Open your mind, and there will be no limit.
Good Luck!


Captain Danger

Captain Danger

Location: Gravesend, Kent, England

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Posted:Wow! Thanks a million for typing all that out for me! I even understand most of it to boot! I always figured there was more than I was doing but as I couldn't seem to find anything online I was starting to wonder just how far it could go - and now I know it's pretty far! You really have made my week/month with this and I'm looking forward to going out to try some of these moves... thank you thank you thank you!




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Posted:Thanks for sharing.