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Forums > Technical Discussion > ifference between pro series oval link chain and regular oval link chain?

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Posted:I'm looking to buy my first fire set of poi and would like to know what the difference is between the pro series oval link and regular

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Posted:If you are talking about the chain with attached handles, on one set (Pro) the swivel is connected directly to the handles via a welded ring, on the reguarl, there is a quicklink I beleive.


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Posted:Thats pretty well it. I think that MAYBE the pro series is thinner also, but thats easily checked on the specs on this site.



Posted:Thanks not sure about the thickness but after studying the blown up pictures i noticed that the handles are welded directly to the chain. Thanks


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Posted:CORRECT, the pro series chains all come as one piece, with handle, that you can then attach a quick link and poi head to, most of the other chains have quick links at both ends. The pro series also have welded on swivels at both ends.


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