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Location: Minsk, Belarus
Member Since: 1st Jan 2011
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Posted:Hi everyone! My name is Ernest. I am from Belarus (country between Poland and Russia) and this is my first video.
I can't say that it is perfect, but I hope that it will be interesting for all...
So... Enjoy!

P.S. I will make another videos with very big motivation if I get more than 1000 views...

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Location: EARTH
Member Since: 22nd Oct 2009
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Posted:This video changes everything. I don't even know where to start. Please keep creating and sharing, this is epic. Kudos friend.



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Location: Northwest Ohio
Member Since: 15th Mar 2011
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Posted:awesome haha! definitely keep making videos!

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Location: Czech republic, Prague | Hrade...
Member Since: 11th Jan 2009
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Posted:Best video I've seen in a long time smile
But... I'm a litle bit disappointed you didn't show that spinnig-dressing part. tongue2
You will get 1000 views for sure!

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