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Posted:Hey, Im thinking about start leaning spiral wraps, a question;
Can you make them with fire poi:s? I understand that its always risky to handle fire poi:s but if you make spiral wraps right is their a chans I burn you hands?

I mostley think of the chain, how hot will thay be?


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Posted:You can yes. I suggest you practice unlit first. Also possible are some cotton/leather gloves.

If you do it towards the beginning of a burn the flames will likely be hotter, but the chains cooler.

Just be careful.

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Posted:I get mild burns if I do them without anything covering my wrists, but a pair of cotton gauntlets is enough to prevent that. Though I use big monkey fists, so the bulk of the head helps keep metal off my skin. I know plenty of people who also use leather or Kevlar gauntlets. The important thing is that you don't get them stuck around your wrists, unless you have the Kevlar.



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Posted:I have those "kevlar condoms", the little kevlar tubes around the ahrdware part of the chain, and I haven't gotten any burns so far. Just lost some armhair, which I guess is inevitable.


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Posted:I never find them as hot as I thought. The chains don't really get a chance to get that hot if they are constantly moving. Tangling around your wrists can be a bit dodge; so as aston said. Practice unlit first.

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Posted:Thx, grate answers

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Posted:i love spiral wraps they r one of the best moves in my mind, i honestly just did them for the first time last night with 3.5 monkey fists on fire. now the flames do not hurt in my opinion just hot i mean i catch my poi and blow them out without gloves the chains can become very hot but its just like burning yourself with a lighter or something else that is hot yea it stings but u get used to and over it. one thing to be cautious of is stalling the wrap my freind actually ripped skin of cuz he stalled it on his wrists and when he unwrapped it the skin came with the chains. all in all its fun to do on fire and it looks amazing! best of luck


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