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Hello all. I made my own non-fire staff out of a 3/4" by 4'9" wood dowel, bicycle inner tubes, and a mix of grip and electrical tape. I chose this height because I read somewhere that it should be within 5 inches of your height.

The weight breakdown is:
5.12 ounces = 0.32 pounds
5.12 ounces = 0.32 pounds
9.67 ounces = 0.604375 pounds
19.91 ounces

You can see it here: (see me and my home made staff)

I am 5'4", not very strong, and just starting out. I feel that I can manipulate this length pretty well, although it does scrape the ground on occasion. The weight seems super slow when I do figure eights and spins. I don't have the contact stuff down yet, so I do not know if the length and weight fits well for this. I feel that the kinesthetic and mental calculations I am making as I learn are being wasted on the wrong staff.

I am looking into buying my first contact fire staff. As my funds are limited, I can not purchase one for spinning and one for contact. Nor can I afford to buy the wrong length and/or weight. I want a staff that works well for both. I am hoping that I can learn from all of your experiences.

This is the staff I am considering purchasing: HoP Pro Series Contact Staff with 4inch (100mm) wicks

I considered this one, but am not sure if it will be too light for contact: HoP Full Length Staff with 2.5 inch Wicks

I would totally make my own (I am all about the DIY), I just can't find aluminum tubing anywhere.

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