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Posted:This is along the same lines of the thread What We Love.
we all go out there and spine our fire and very one who sees and does has some way to discribe what they see be it the one holding the fire or the one watching the show.
After a spining a t friends house once he came up to me and said, i olny have one way to discribe that Beautifull Violence.

Beautifull Violence

what have people said to discribe your fire and how would you discribe what you do?
i would like to hear from you all on this. Thank you.

surrounded in flames

we could live beside the ocean leave the fire behind
swim out past the breakers watch the world die

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Posted:Good One!

Last week, someone described the flame from my fans as DELICATE

I kinda dig that comment - fire dance with fans is very artsy and pretty... I'd describe what I do as dancing with the beast! haha Can be wild and crazy, mean and ugly...or calm and passionate, magical and hypnotic.

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Posted:Mine have been called Insanely Hot. Which is rather confusing actually.

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Me train running low on soul coal
They push+pull tactics are driving me loco
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Posted:I love it when people come up to me, with a glazed look in their eyes, a great big grin on their face and their head shaking in disbelief.

and then, they say, in complete sincerity

"You know, kids must love this..."

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Posted:no mind


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Posted:Mines normaly...

Er i've been drinking stella.....can i have a weirdo......

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Posted:"ooooohhh... fire..."
is what most people i've talked to have essentially said.

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Posted:heh you guys are lucky! all i can elicit are grunts and half-syllables!
maybe i should leave a dictionary where i twirl... hmm they're quite flammable too ..

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