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Member Since: 21st Aug 2011
Total posts: 12
Posted:I'm still quite new to poi. I have a back yard, and plenty of room to practice but I just can't get into the mood to just spin. I find myself getting frustrated so easily. Spinning at home is just not for me, which is where I came up with this question: What is your favorite place to spin?

I've spun at a drum circle, I've spun at a beach, I've spun on my grandpa's farm, I've spun walking down the road, and at friend's houses. Spinning is always fun for me, except for when I'm at home. I always enjoy walking places while spinning my poi

I have a park right up the road from my house I spin at sometimes. I'm usually there at night, no people, no distractions and an occassional car driving by; I have the whole park to myself. I can easily spin for 3-4 hours at the park, and not realize that time has passed. I haven't found a better place to spin than the park.

What's your favorite place to spin, and what makes this place so special?


Flow Artist
Location: USA
Member Since: 28th Jan 2011
Total posts: 67
Posted:I'm probably going to get some very weird reactions to mine.

My favorite place to spin is this Cemetery right next to where I live. It has a huge empty area that is always kept perfectly clean.

It is beautiful, there are no distractions, I feel like I have an audience of gentle souls watching me and reminding me how short life is and to enjoy it.


Member Since: 21st Aug 2011
Total posts: 12
Posted:I would spin poi in a cemetary! The park is just a lot more convenient for me to walk to.


Location: Manchester/Essen
Member Since: 28th Mar 2011
Total posts: 42
Posted:I definitely agree that cemeteries are really peaceful places, but for me any open green space is my playground =)


Location: SouthDakota, USA
Member Since: 27th Jan 2009
Total posts: 324
Posted:I tend to prefer the beach at night. There's something about the water that always relaxes me and adding poi to that makes it at least twice as good.

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Sister Eleven
Sister Eleven

owner of the group property
Location: Seattle, WA
Member Since: 3rd Aug 2009
Total posts: 1277
Posted:I like several of the parks in the area, or one of the ballrooms our spin jam group rents in the winters. Though most of my practice time actually happens at bus stops tongue2


Spinners United Leader
Location: Missouri, USA
Member Since: 2nd Sep 2011
Total posts: 29
Posted:my favorite place is either fassnight park where i live jordan valley park where every thursday a bunch of spinners get together and spin its awesome or my friends house otherwise i just spin wherever i am i just try to go to one of those places

Location: Cheyenne, Wy
Member Since: 2nd Feb 2009
Total posts: 18
Posted:i like to go to walmart and spin to see everybody's reaction who don't really know what i'm doing. But my favorite is in the middle of the street, any street, but down town is the best.


Member Since: 28th Jun 2012
Total posts: 18
Posted:THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!

Location: Denmark
Member Since: 3rd Jun 2012
Total posts: 3
Posted:I usually spin in my backyard, I live far out on the country and the surroundings are abselutely beautiful and peacefull. And there's a LOT of space.

Else, I practice at school (circus school), but there's not that much space because people jut walk right into "spin zone" so I usually have to stop what I'm doing to not hit them.
But practise can happen anywhere

specializes in the potentially insane
Location: California
Member Since: 21st Aug 2012
Total posts: 130
Posted:out of all the places ive spun ive found the beach to be extraordinarily peaceful not only that but any scenic body of water. a nearby lake or pond while on a camping trip just late in the evening is amazing (only things to distract your are the sounds of nature which only helps to put me in a creative mood). . . . im just drawn to scenic looking water. . . remarkably peaceful and inspires more of a fluid motion in your technique

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Location: Brazil
Member Since: 6th Aug 2012
Total posts: 10
Posted:Well, I kind of enjoy spinning my poi at home, on the seccond unfinished floor of my house, there is totally empty and silent, it's just perfect. I also do it in the park next to my house... But there is kind of... Well, full of peeps tongue2

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casually noob tech poi spinrar
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Member Since: 22nd Nov 2010
Total posts: 155
Posted:Not sure about favourites, but I quite like spinning with the circus society at my university, mainly cause everybody is learning new stuff or practicing and generally creating a nice vibe. Also probably helps that there's a guy who's really into tech poi to teach me new stuff heheh

Besides there, I like to practice at this dance studio that all my dancer friends train at, where there is an abundance of mirrors, couches to crash on, and lots of other people who are training as well. And good music, of course (because I'm too lazy to get my own music)

I don't mind spinning at home either - although I can only spin in my room, which is pretty cramped, there's a floor to ceiling mirror, and I learned a lot of plane control when I was starting out from random practices late at night.

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Trybal Wolf
Trybal Wolf

Wolf Furry
Location: Earth
Member Since: 3rd Jul 2012
Total posts: 517
Posted:Spin in a cemetary? Done it. Queer place to spin though. Be awesome at night though.

Flickering orange light from the whirling poi casting shadows throughout, and illuminating the grave stones.

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Nerevarine, Dohvakiin, Browncoat
Location: Torvvun (AKA alpha centauri)
Member Since: 8th Aug 2013
Total posts: 177
Posted:It doesn't matter where so much to me as when. I love to spin at night- of course thats because I have podpoi.
But spinning in the woods is nice, under a starlit sky or a full moon is nice, anywhere you can dance on grass is nice... I'd spin in a cemetery. In the rain is fun too.
In the wilderness is really nice tho.

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Location: Caribean
Member Since: 20th Sep 2012
Total posts: 6
Posted:At the beach, I like to make a circle about five feet wide and just spin away in that circle (although I don't always stay in the circle). Where I am now, there is this bar with an out doors patio where I can watch tutorials and practice at the same time.


Member Since: 23rd May 2013
Total posts: 4
Posted:I usually practice in the graveyard across the road from me. I tried doing fire once there though and ended up with the police showing up.
Funny enough though is I can do it at a school later at night (by a busy street.), and nobody even so much as turns their head.
Guess our priorities are in the wrong place.


Corporate Circus Arts Entertainer
Location: Auckland
Member Since: 27th Jun 2001
Total posts: 3989
Posted:Bustops. Playgrounds when the kids are playing. But mostly where other spinners are . Always more fun with more spinners...

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Trybal Wolf
Trybal Wolf

Wolf Furry
Location: Earth
Member Since: 3rd Jul 2012
Total posts: 517

Do you like to spin at bus stops? Or on bus tops?

I'd rather die on paws, than live on feet.


Member Since: 3rd Jun 2013
Total posts: 3
Posted:I have yet to spin very many places

but I'm between completely alone in the dark, my pod poi , and Alt j.
and I spun when I went to see carnival of madness Stl Mo. first time spinning in a public place.
It was pretty fantastic.

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