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Member Since: 9th Feb 2007
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Posted:Juggling Universe, the first international social network about juggling for jugglers.

Fill this Juggling Universe with everything you know about juggling. Photos, Videos, workshops, conventions.

Everything has its space, just share with jugglers all around the world! We think that share is the most important way to colour the world with juggling ink!

Juggling Social Network it's a little bit different from Facebook, give us a chance, and take your time to learn how to use this site! Thank you!

Giocoleria.org - Home of Juggling

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Member Since: 9th Feb 2007
Total posts: 7
Posted:someone are joined us?
do you like it?
what you think about it?

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Member Since: 26th Feb 2010
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Posted:Hey joined the other day. HoP i wont neglect you I promise. Really smooth interface. Have been really busy at work so havent had too much of a chance to delve deeper but i like wat i see

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Posted:I joined as well. Like it so far and have gotten some helpful feedback on the forum.

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Posted:I joined but haven't really been on there, I've grown accustomed to HoP and like a grouchy old man refuse to leave :loco:

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.