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Posted:I went to a drum circle today on a beach. The beach has a sign that says no open fire, along with a bunch of other restrictions.

I ended up spinning fire anyways, despite the sign, with no problems. I had many people speak to me after I finished spinning, telling me how "awesome" i am and that nobody has burned at that drum circle for a few years because the cops started coming (due to a lot of drug use, i believe) and didn't like it. I was apparently the first person to burn for few years, or at least a long time.

Well anyways, I don't want to make a habbit of breaking the law everytime I go to that beach. It was my first time going to the drum circle, so I don't know what the circumstances were back when they began to tell people they couldn't burn. I don't know if they cops told people they couldn't burn in fear of the public or ignorance of fire laws.

What does "open fire" mean? Can I spin my poi at a location that specifically restricts, "open fire?" I want to learn more about the fire laws, but I'm not sure where to look. I've searched on google and got quite lost.

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Posted:Was the circle at Siesta Key? I don't know anything about the laws, I'm just indulging a little homesickness. I'm from there and used to go to the circle every week. They did fire at that time with no hassle at all.

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.


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Posted:Never ending, the flow of restriction is.

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I live in Canada, however, this summer is very dry and no fires at all are allowed in my province.

However, I still spin in anyones yard that is fully fenced! If someone comes, have all of your saftey equipment to show, and play the "I didn't know better" card and that it won't happen again!

Keep spinning! Try glow poi..in the night they are just as good and effective!

hope this helps!


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