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Posted:I've been spinning for a little over 2 months and looking for some constructive criticism smile. Spinning with new sock poi that I made yesterday... lighter than my other pair but I like them cause it doesn't hurt as much when I'm learning something new haha.

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Posted:2 months?! Kids these days... Anyhow.

Drill moves, specifically things involving stalls, timing, and direction. Your isos look pretty decent, and you're already onto some BTB stuff, so.. good work there.

I would say, and this may sound crazy, but try to stop plane bending as much as you do. Later on when you're better, feel free to add plane bending back in purposefully, but I feel like you're forcing it sometimes without realizing it.

Aside from that, the only REAL advice I have for you, is have fun. =)

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Posted:Very nice work for 2 months of spinning. I'm loving the isolations there looking awesome. For my constructive critisim i would say work on getting your stalls smoother. Keep spinning keep practicing.


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Posted:Good work. You've obviously been having lots of fun with your poi, and you're comfortable moving around with the poi. The best thing you can do now is just keep doing what you've been doing.

Like mesh and richii mentioned, getting clean stalls contributes a big part of what makes spinning look good. Although in my experience, strechy socks like the ones you're spinning are propably the hardest poi to practice stalls with tongue2. But if you can do it with them, any other kind of poi will just be a breeze.


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Posted:That's amazing progress for two months. Amazing isolations, all things considered. You look like you got a good feeling for it.

As everyone else said, work on keeping your planes straight because it's really important to build up good habits of good planes, especially early on. Cleaner stalls and all that too. And though you have learned some very cool moves, I think it would be a good idea to learn some more versatile, but simpler and more basic moves, like high and low reels, in same direction and butterfly, and learn to play with those. I know it's tempting to go straight for the crazy moves, but try to get your basics down first.

Also, if you're trying to learn wraps and wrap combos, either shorten your sock poi until it feels more natural or, even better, put some glowsticks on strings and practice with those, because sock poi, especially long sock poi, are not the ideal for wraps and can make things more difficult tongue2

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