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Posted:Hi All,

I've looked through the various threads, but can't find anything up to date. When I looked before, a few years back, there were lots of meets in London - I even went along to one on Clapham Common - but I can't see anything being organised now. So, where do people get together to twirl these days in London, in particular South London?


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Posted:There is a thread of someone looking for spinners in Kingston / chessington if you try the search (sorry got to finish lunch now) Hugs

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


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Posted:I don't know where abouts in London they meet, but Spinning@ are a awesome bunch of people



Posted:Thanks guys!


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Posted:Hiya Michelle,

There used to be a meet in Clapham every Wednesday but the guy who ran it passed away and although we tried to get the same venue the owner was a pain.

I have now started going to Spinning @ which is at The Rag Factory on Heneage St, Just off Brick Lane. You can search on Facebook for Spinning @ and we are on there. In addition there are the London Fire Spinners who meet monthly for fire spins on Thames Beach.

There is also one in Camden on a Wednesday but I don't have any further details. I can also get use of the upstairs bar of the Walkabout on a Monday although the music is not the best or they have football on.

I hope that has been some help and hope to see you spinning soon

Matt x

We also have other meet ups just to have some fun.