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Forums > Videos > Bam Bam 11 months spinning, feedback much appreciated

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Bam BamYour Average Every Day Sane Psycho
31 posts


I've been spinning for about 11 months and I'd like to hear what you guys think :3 Constructive criticism welcome XD

What, me worry?

TeamoGOLD Member
Almost again
124 posts
Location: Finland

It seems pretty nice and relaxed. Try to get some footage of you spinning outdoors, there's only so much constructive criticism to be given when you've constrained yourself in that obviously movement-limiting corner of a room. But here's my 2c.
To add noticable feeling of variety to your freespinning, try expanding your collection of "safe moves". That is, moves you do while you're thinking what to do next. From this I get the feeling that you're reverting back to your turning weaves and windmills quite often within just 4 minutes. Which are nice, don't get me wrong.. You obviously have many core skills down good. The transitions are smooth, the flow is nice, the planes are relatively clean. It's mostly about the composition and balance of your spinning. smile

Stnd54SILVER Member
42 posts
Location: Manchester/Essen, Germany

Nice spinning, you remind me a lot of myself, I've been spinning for about the same amount of time and the similarity in style (apart from the wrap combos) is quite freaky lol. I agree with Teamo that outside footage would be abit better, but you seem pretty smooth and confidant. A little more variety would spice things up a little (and I have the same criticism for myself =p), but that comes with time as you learn more stuff and in the meantime you're still interesting to watch so keep up the good work =)

Bam BamYour Average Every Day Sane Psycho
31 posts

Thanks guys :3 You def have good points about variety and expanding my normal arsenal of moves and I'll keep the whole outside thing in mind for when I make another video.

@Stnd54, that's weird, its the second time I've heard that my style is very similar to someone else tongue2 small world, huh? (Also love your little avatar pic thingy, Calvin and Hobbes is by far my favorite comic strip ever)

What, me worry?

joffjkDIAMOND Member
147 posts
Location: bangkok,london and somerset, Thailand

try to think of the camera as an audience it would be nice to have some eye contact and smile once in a while ... keep up the good work smile

I love thinking in circles

strugzBRONZE Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
3,964 posts
Location: Southampton - Possibly..., United Kingdom

Dam Bams - i know its been a while but you dont look half as cute as you used to! wink


Nice skills dude - take them outside!


"...We don't stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing......."

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