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Posted:I purchased a 4 foot fire whip from homeofpoi and I did 1 burn and The fall scorched in half. Is this supposed to happen? I dont think the fall should do that The complete fall of it was fine excluding one part. Any info/help would be great. Did i just get a faulty fall?

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Posted:Hey Bryce, just emailed you some info on this one in regards to the whip breaking, sorry to hear that :-( and if you check your emails and email me back at HOP central I will help suss this out with you so as to get you up and cracking again.......






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Posted:you mean the fall or the cracker? crackers fall off all the time but are cheap and easy to make out of kevlar diablo string (check youtube for how to make a cracker) i normally get about 5 burns out of a single cracker before it breaks. the other thing to note to make your firewhip last longer is not to burn it for a long time, light it, crack it a few times then put it out with a damp towel, the way a whip sheds fuel in cracks leaves it prone to smouldering if you let it burn for ages which will degrade the kevlar rapidly

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